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Fieldwork is a tabletop roleplaying game system that revolves around zoological research and scientific expeditions. Delve into a vast world of dense rainforest jungles, arid deserts, and frozen tundras. Hunt down incredible creatures both real and fictional, and collect research in order to expand the scientific community’s understanding of every species. Fend off dangerous creatures and harsh environments, and become the most prestigious research group of all.

The first step in crowning yourself king of the zoological research world is to design your character. Choose one of five profession-classes, each equipped with their own skills, items, and health. Once you’ve chosen your main mode of play, determine your zoological specialty to grant your character a special interest in a type of animal. Finally, choose between your profession’s Signature Items and weapons to finish designing your character. After you’ve created a background and a personality for your character, only adventure awaits you.

Expeditions are the focus of Fieldwork, and are the scene for almost all gameplay. Travel to far off lands of wonder and intrigue, then carefully navigate through while doing research and staying alive. Research is accumulated as Research Points, and eventually as Prestige Levels, which determine your party’s available equipment, contracts, and skill level. 

Play with completely original gameplay mechanics, designed for both brutal survival gameplay and teamwork. Hone your puzzle-solving skills to make the most of combat mechanics, action skills, and research. Gameplay mechanics have been specially designed to put more power in the hands of the player and emphasize creative problem solving. 

The world is treacherous, and you are weak; the only thing keeping you from dying is your head. Take your first steps into the unknown. You have research to do.

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